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First off, thank you for visiting my website.  I know it is not all fancy but I hope you understand that's not really my concern.


My main concern is sharing my business thoughts with everyone: 

My passion for Heating & Air started in Houston, Texas in 2011.  I moved back to California in 2013 because is my home. 

Second, Sunny Breeze Heating & Air is recently established with solid field experience.  My belief and confidence are also solid.  I am here to stay & grow.


Lastly, I am here with a mission in mind: To deliver quality, honest, fast, and friendly service to everyone.  I took pride in my craftsmanship.  I will deliver maximum quality services to deserve your trusts and supports for many years to come. 

Again, thank you for your visit.

CA Lic.# 1027741

Philip Nguyen

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